TheBrain Upgrade Info

Do I Qualify for an Upgrade?

It's easy to check - just enter the email address of your Brain account and we will check for you. For the details of who qualifies see below.

How Do I Upgrade?

If you qualify for a free upgrade, just download the latest version and login. TheBrain will recognize your status and activate the Pro status immediately.

To purchase the upgrade, enter the email address associated with your existing license.

Who Qualifies for an Upgrade to 14?

Active Services Account?

If you have TheBrain Cloud Services as part of Pro Combo or Pro Services, your upgrade is free as part of your services!

Purchased recently?

If you purchased a new Pro license after June 17, 2023 or any Pro Combo (including upgrades/renewals) after September 15, 2022, your upgrade is free.

Have an Existing License?

All existing licenses can upgrade to the latest version plus get one year of future upgrades and services for just $159.

What's New in TheBrain 14?

TheBrain 14 revolutionizes your digital thinking canvas with AI-driven thought generation and writing tools, cutting-edge search capabilities spanning across multiple brains, sleeker UI, an all-new API for programmers, and a multicultural interface that speaks in 78 languages. There much more to version 14 including faster performance…

Get the details.