About TheBrain Technologies

TheBrain Technologies is dedicated to creating the ultimate platform for thinking.

We believe that everything starts with thought. Whether you are creating the next world-changing business model or planning a trip, your thoughts serve as the foundation. That's why we've been honing our patented network visualization and user interface technology for over twenty years, helping some of the brightest minds in the world to transform thoughts into action.


"Your screen should not look like a bunch of pretty buttons that you use to order your computer from one task to the next. Instead it should be a dynamic representation and experience of everything that's important to you."

Harlan Hugh
CEO and Inventor of TheBrain
Feed Magazine, 1999

What We Do

TheBrain Technologies helps people make sense of the wide range of information they need to organize and assimilate on a daily basis. We believe that two Brains are better than one. And if you extend and capture your thinking about your projects and life you can get some amazing stuff done.

All our software is designed to help you organize information the way you think. We think the world deserves a better way to organize and store their information other than folder directories and long lists. TheBrain's patented user interface is so flexible and fluid that you can link any file or concept to anything else. With our products you can visualize thinking on your computer desktop, collectively on a server, or in the cloud.

Interesting Company Facts

  • More than half of all Fortune 100 Organizations today are using TheBrain to manage information and make better decisions.
  • TheBrain has been downloaded by over two million people to date.
  • The world's largest Brain created by a single person (that we know of) is Jerry Michalski's, which is now over 350,000 Thoughts.
  • The world’s largest public Brain goes to Encyclopædia Britannica. Their "Brainstormer app" made with TheBrain interface has over 1.5 million topics to browse through.
  • TheBrain software inspires outstanding work and great ideas. Many high profile thinkers use TheBrain including Ray Kurzweil (inventor and futurist), David Allen (creator of GTD) and James Burke (world-renowned historian and author).
  • Harlan Hugh, the inventor of TheBrain, started programming at age 6 on an Apple II+. He wanted to push the metaphor for the computer beyond that of a glorified typewriter and filing cabinet.
  • TheBrain has been written about in hundreds of newspapers and blogs and was described by PC Magazine as "quite possibly the most intuitive mind mapping utility on the planet”.

How We Help

  • Overcome information overload – Integrate all information sources in a visual context and take control of all your information.
  • Gain insight and understanding – See key information relationships and get the big picture on ideas.
  • Get instant information access – Find information in seconds with TheBrain's "instant activate".
  • Be inspired by ideas and thinking – TheBrain gives you a conceptual space that puts your ideas at the forefront.


TheBrain can be utilized on corporate intranets, desktops, and the Internet. Some applications include: customer care, project management, dynamic mind mapping, IT management and helpdesks, impact assessment, competitive intelligence, marketing and sales support, and personal information management. For more information see our Brain applications and templates page.

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