Achieving Your New Year's Resolution
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Matt Caton
Jan 9, 2023

Achieving Your New Year's Resolution

Have a new year's resolution? Have a plan to achieve it? TheBrain can help.

Whether you intend to open a new business, get a promotion, or just lose ten pounds, you need to know how you are going to get there. A goal without proper planning and reviewing is just an idea.

Here are five simple steps that you can take in TheBrain to help you actually achieve whatever it is you're setting out to do.


Focus on quantity rather than quality. No idea is too big or too small in this phase. Bring any data that you might think is relevant to your eventual success. Web pages, documents, notes and thoughts. Get them all into your digital brain to reflect upon later.


Time to clean up. Create some intervening thoughts and group together similar topics for easy access in the future. Delete anything that may be completely unrealistic. Add additional content when something sparks a new idea.


Now that you've educated yourself in some of the steps you'll be taking to achieve your goal, set up some checklist for important milestones you want to attain along the way. Use TheBrain reminders for reliable assistance. Format your schedules within structured tables within your notes. By taking these steps, you'll be holding yourself accountable for making progress along the way.


Create a thought for journaling. Getting ideas and thoughts out of your head and into your digital brain will allow you to reflect on your success and learn from missteps along the way.


No one has a crystal ball. You may have been too ambitious at the beginning of your journey. Maybe you were too reserved. With all of the documented progress you've kept in TheBrain, there's always an opportunity to make adjustments to your schedule and processes to insure that the final result is a good one.

Start documenting the process of achieving your new year's resolution in your existing brain, or use one of the templates below for an inspirational push.

Brainstorming Template

Browse through our Brainstorming Brain for more clarity on how you can achieve goal directed thinking.

Download BRZ Browse Online

Note Taking Template

There are several different yet effective ways to take notes for better cognitive understanding. Which one is right for you? Review five of the most popular methods in our Note Taking Brain.

Download BRZ Browse Online

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