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Happy Thanksgiving from TheBrain

Nov 24, 2022

Keeping track of your holiday guest list, weekend activities and grandma's secret stuffing recipe has never been easier! Plan your Thanksgiving holiday with TheBrain!

Getting Things Done and Achieving More in Your Brain

Nov 17, 2022

It’s time to take a deep breath, open your brain and get control of everything. Just ask Omer Aziz, high performance coach and master brain user.

Advanced Knowledge Capture with TheBrain 13

Oct 20, 2022

Join Matt Caton and Harlan Hugh, TheBrain’s CEO, for Q&A on new features of TheBrain 13.

Five Quick Tips to Get More Out of TheBrain Notes

Mar 14, 2022

Here are five classic features in TheBrain Notes that every Brain user needs to know about.

Set New Goals in 2022

Jan 1, 2022

With TheBrain there is no limit to the number of thoughts or connections you can make. So expand your mind this year and use TheBrain’s visual thoughts to make your 2022 goals a reality.

How to Use Your Brain for Holiday Planning

Dec 25, 2020

Lists, To Dos, Commitments…
Connect All Your Holiday Plans in TheBrain

TheBrain 12: Concept Discovery and Advanced Note-Linking

Nov 12, 2020

TheBrain 12 integrates capabilities to make connecting information virtually effortless.

Introducing TheBrain 12

Oct 16, 2020

What if you could combine the most powerful features of TheBrain with the best of the latest note taking applications and the ease of use of a wiki into one seamless application? This is the question I invite you to answer with the beta release of TheBrain 12.

TheBrain Integrated into the World's Most Powerful 14 Inch Gaming Laptop, the ASUS ROG G14-ACRNM

Sep 21, 2020

Tech-focussed fashion studio Acronym has teamed up with ASUS and TheBrain melding powerful hardware and software with an uncompromising design philosophy. The result is a powerful and visually striking laptop that is truly unlike any other.

iJustine Unboxing ASUS ROG G14-ACRNM Featuring TheBrain

Sep 19, 2020

iJustine discusses the Acronym collaboration on ASUS's newest laptop. Get insights into the design process and approach plus an introduction to how TheBrain is being leveraged in this groundbreaking machine. Watch now.

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