Get to Know TheBrain 14
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Get to Know TheBrain 14

Join TheBrain CEO Harlan Hugh for a tour of new features in TheBrain 14.

Empower your business strategies and creative endeavors with TheBrain 14. Join TheBrain CEO Harlan Hugh and Matt Caton Director of Customer Solutions for a first-hand look at how the fusion of AI and smart idea capture can accelerate new insights and evolve the way you organize information. We’ll cover the full suite of new Brain 14 features designed to transform your ideas into impactful realities.

Topics covered:

  • AI-Powered Thought Expansion: Break new ground in idea generation. Let AI be your muse and guide as you navigate complex information landscapes.
  • Advanced Writing & Note-Taking Tools: Elevate your documentation with AI-assisted writing, crafting content that resonates and captivates.
  • Seamless Cross-Brain Search: Integrate and access multiple brains effortlessly, ensuring a comprehensive view of your knowledge network.
  • Enhanced BrainBox Capabilities: A more robust tool for capturing and organizing web content, making your digital research both efficient and extensive.
  • Revolutionized Web Browsing: An integrated browser experience, tailored for the modern professional's needs.

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