Inside Jerry's Brain

Celebrating 25 Years of Thought Creation and Counting

Tech analyst Jerry Michalski and TheBrain’s inventor, Harlan Hugh discuss Jerry's digital brain, TheBrain's history, artificial intelligence and more.

These two friends and visionaries discuss and celebrate 25 years of innovation and digital thought. From the first meeting in 1997 when TheBrain was first unveiled all the way into the AI-filled future, this lively discussion has it all. Highlights include Jerry's outline of the process he uses to add to his brain, and his best practices for linking thoughts. They also share anecdotes and fun facts about how Jerry's usage helped to push the technology forward. And of course the factors driving the next-generation of tools for thought play a major role in shaping the conversation.

Recorded Thursday, April 13, 2023.

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Dive Into Jerry's Brain

Jerry's Brain is available to browse online. With over 500,000 thoughts, you never know what you might find. In fact… YOU may be in Jerry's Brain…

From the Archives

Jerry dug several decades back into his archives to present some original content of his first introduction and the resulting article on TheBrain. See Jerry and Harlan take a stroll down memory lane in the webinar recording and then read the full Get a Brain article written by Jerry in 1997.